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Why Choose Giftable World, Inc.


1.DESIGN: Giftable World offers options to customize products based on artwork submitted from our customers. Our in-house design teams based in U.S. and China are readily available to assist customers with special needs.  

2.PRODUCTION: Our manufacturing facility in China housed more than 300 sewing machines. We pride ourselves in producing products of highest quality and meet the most rigorous safety and quality standards. We keep our employees happy working with us. Because keeping a safe working environment and offering superb benefits to employees directly translates to better products and benefits to our customers

3.QUALITY: Our finished products conform to multiple International QA standards. We designed our inspection process and procedure based on the strictest QA SOP available in the industry. Quality control begins with the initial design process and ends with final products ready for shipment. We ensure every details in the production process is accounted for and any unexpected events can be readily taken care of. 

4.SHIPMENT: Our goal is to provide a consistent track record for on-time shipments. 

5.COST CONTROL: Our efficient SOP and extensive supplier channels offer the best cost-basis for our products without detriment quality.

6.CUSTOMER SERVICE: Our service centers located in Los Angeles, and China offers excellent and timely customer service regardless of your time zone. 



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